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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Swayzee's New Pool!

  • We got Swayzee a pool so we had something to do during the day! I'm pretty sure Wes was just as excited as Swayzee! They had so much fun, she is gettting so big she is definetly not a baby anymore! I love just watching her, her mind is always going 100 miles per hour I love it! She loves to sing and I love to listen, her favorites are twinkle twinkle, Skitter me rink, hot dog, itsy bitsy spider, and Dora. And she can count to ten too, she's so smart! I love being a Mom!!
Wes trying to teach Swayz to put her head under the water, she hates getting her ears wet!

Swimming lessons!

Swayzee's "Cheese" she is so much fun!!

Memorial Day!

We decided since we weren't home to do the whole family campout this year for Memorial Day, we thought we would take Swayzee to the zoo since she had never been. The closest zoo to Cheyenne is in Denver which is about an hour and a half away. It was fun, a little hot and Swayzee was crying the whole time cause she wanted to hold the animals but over all it was a good trip after a while Swayzee realized we weren't leaving every time we left an animal and
it was better! And Kent and Alicia were troopers considering Kash is only 5 months old and could care less about the zoo! It was fun, hopefully I can get Wes to go again sometime!!

Swayzee and Wes watching the monkeys!

I still don't know if Swayzee ever saw the Polar bear that was lying
under her?
Swayzee loved the Penguins! Who am I kidding so did I there just so cute!

I still would have loved to be home for Memorial Day but I'm
glad we got to go to the zoo, good memories, right?!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


This wass Swayzee's first real easter. It was so fun and she had
so much fun with all her cousins! It was so fun to watch them all
I love holidays!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

You Can Never Have Just 1

We'll I guess we are now Mini horse people! We started with just Oli for Swayzee and now 3 horses later I think we are done! They are just so cute! Swayz loves them she always wants to
ride them and pet them! And they pull you in this little cart they really are fun! Let me introduce you to them all!
This is Choncho he is so small and he has beautiful flowy hair! I love it!

This is Kida the Baby mini!

This is Mama Mia, Wes's Mom's Mini!

I know this sounds weird but I think me and Kida were destined for each other. When I was younger I dreamed I had a Palamino horse with one blue eye I could hold, she is totally my dream horse, and the weird thing is she was born after we had already got them, so I didn't even pick her, she picked me! I told you it was weird!!

This is Oli our 1st horse, we had to get rid of him though cause he just wasn't very nice!

Feeding The Ducks!

Swayzee loves and animals so of course she loved feeding the ducks!
She was so excited she almost fell in once, luckily her Dad
has quick reflexes!! I'm so excited for summer so we can spend
all are free time doing fun things outside!

P.S. If you want to take your kids to feed the ducks salem ponds ducks are
a lot nicer! We went to spring lake and they were a little aggressive. I was
getting a little nervous!! Luckily she made it out with all her fingers still attached!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Family Pictures!

We finally took family pictures and they turned out so cute!
Swayzee is just so photogenic she made it hard to pick!
But here is a few of our favorites!

Thanks Kyle and Kurtis!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I know I am super dorky but I have been so excited for my dog to have puppies! She only had 2 but they are so cute! I don't think I'll be able to watch my kids have kids, I was going crazy! I would even catch myself pushing with her! I know I'm crazy! They will be ready for christmas if anyone is interested just let me know!

Daisy the proud Mom!

Puppy #1
He almost died! It was so scary but me and Wes (and of course Daisy) got him breathing again!

Puppy #2